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The Funding Masterclass

How to raise the funds you need to start or grow your business

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Business Institution Classes

Learn how to; Jump start, grow, pitch and how to market your business.

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Hosting Virtual Summit Classes

Learn all steps and tools needed to have a successful virtual summit  

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Let's share our skills!


Hi, The Diaspora has a vast full of skills that can be shared with all. The time to build Africa continent is now. Offline and offline


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Entrepreneurship 101

Step by step courses provided to help you undertakes the risk of starting a new business venture. We will help you creates a firm which aggregates capital and labor in order to produce goods or services for profit. 

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Leaders help themselves and others to do the right things. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to "win" as a team or an organization. It is dynamic, exciting, and inspiring.

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Bring your business online

Online business is any kind of business activity that happens over the internet. Running an online business can include buying and selling online or providing an online service. ... Anyone can start an online business. We are ready to take you step by step

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What can you expect from AWE Academy class?

AWE Academy is all about learning from the experts in different skills that will help you to get started to grow or to scale up. The more you learn, the more you will grow . No matter which class you take you can count on three things:

Learn from Experts

Well chosen classes will be shared with you to improve and grow your knowledge 

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Networking opportunity

You will surround yourself with like minded people who will grow a your network in your field

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Every class can be personalized to fit your needs. Where you receive 1:1 attention.

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Mary Gichuhi


"I feel so much confident with step by step 1:1 lessons to start online lessons "

Judy Kageni


"classes are so much fun, I can't wait for the next one! Learning from diaspora have improved my customer care "

Linda Ochwada


"Networking with like minded people has build my career to another level."

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